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Whether you need a comprehensive financial plan or just have questions about educational planning, retirement readiness, or when to take Social Security benefits (or other issues), Safe Harbor offers the right level of services that you need now at a reasonable cost.

Why We Are Different.

Safe Harbor Financial Advisors exclusively offers Fee-Only, hourly financial planning services by a highly qualified CFP® certificant. This means that you pay for just the time your advisor works with you or for you, just like the as-needed, professional services provided by your doctor, dentist, attorney or CPA.

7 Ways NOT to Fail At Retirement!

Get our free information paper on some things you can do to help yourself get ready for retirement or improve your retirement. 

Safe Harbor is Rhode Island's original fee-only, hourly financial planning service.

Our practice focus is on pre-retirees and retirees with a special emphasis on government workers and military members and retirees. Helping you safely reach your financial goals Is our mission. We are fee-only Certified Financial Planners™ offering  financial guidance customized to your needs on an hourly fee or project basis without any conflicts of interest.  We don't sell any products, manage your money, or have any account asset minimums.
We work only for you and help you achieve financial independence and Peace of Mind. 
That’s all we do.

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Federal Employees and Retirees—Don’t Let Bad Information Cause you to Throw Away Thousands of Dollars of Thrift Savings Plan Money per Year!

Many Federal employees approaching or in retirement get “advice” about what to do with their TSP accounts.  But does that advice come with a significant cost and is it in their best interest? 

Our free TSP options information paper discusses 5 commonly held opinions about TSP and retirement.

You may find the answers very surprising.

A New Approach To Financial Advising

Learn more about a completely different way of getting professional financial advice and assistance. A shared responsibility for your financial independence--for a reasonable fee and NO product sales or minimums!

Why Fee-Only Planning?
What is a fee-only financial planner? How does being fee-only differ from other types of planners? Is there a difference between Certified Financial Planners™ (CFP®) and other financial advisors? Why you need to learn the difference—it could cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t!